This is a blog dedicated to the beautiful Taylor Marie Mangan. I hope you all enjoy!
I am not claiming to be Taylor in any way.
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lol never putting my kik out there again. so many immature people smh

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I don't want to promo myself, I'm saying the truth and if you want we can probably talk on private somehow to prove it to you. I have the screenshots and everything because I knew they would be useful in case someone didn't believe me. I'm being honest, and I would never do such a thing as faking Taylor.


I know a lot of people that do that but I do believe you lol. 

kick me though because im interested in seeing them, 

come off anon so i can send you it though because now i have creeps messaging me oops

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Sorry for not posting lately, been a little busy. 

Follow me on my personal if ya want. suptayluh

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That fake, Melany. Her cousin gave me the account @miriam_alone (on Instagram) I changed the password and email and everything so she wouldn't fake on it again just in case. At first, I made it a fan page, but I just deleted it completely. I still have the password and everything. So you guys don't have to worry about Taylor getting faked on that account!


I don’t care about her and tbh i think it’s just you wanting to promo yourself on here. 

but thank you regardless. 

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Do you have a old photo tag?(:



I don’t really update tags anymore, but that’s what i have!

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That girls instagram is now haha_9_


Yep I know! I’m still keeping an eye out for her because she’ll probably fake again. 

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